a man millions of Indians adore

Sachin Ramesh Tendulakar ….. Well I can spend my whole life to blog about someone like our  little master of Indian cricket.. the man each and every Indians adore and worship…The number of records he has broken or created were just staggering.The way he still plays,even the shorter version of the game T20 is inspiring  a lot of youngsters in India who play cricket…. In spite of all this he remains one of the most humble human beings you will come across…

An article from Time magazine about him:

When Sachin Tendulkar travelled to Pakistan to face one of the finest bowling attacks ever assembled in cricket, Michael Schumacher was yet to race a F1 car, Lance Armstrong had never been to the Tour de France, Diego Maradona was still the captain of a world champion Argentina team, Pete Sampras had never won a Grand Slam.

When Tendulkar embarked on a glorious career taming Imran and company, Roger Federer was a name unheard of; Lionel Messi was in his nappies, Usain Bolt was an unknown kid in the Jamaican backwaters. The Berlin Wall was still intact, USSR was one big, big country, Dr Manmohan Singh was yet to “open” the Nehruvian economy.

It seems while Time was having his toll on every individual on the face of this planet, he excused one man. Time stands frozen in front of Sachin Tendulkar. We have had champions, we have had legends, but we have never had another Sachin Tendulkar and we never will.


two days gone by…

I had to make up my mind to blog something today and it was very complicated because there was nothing extra ordinary in the past 2 days…But still I am gonna blog whatever I had come across in the past 2 days.

Monday morning at office with not much of work yet I kept myself busy by helping others in the team.This is something which I love to do these days. Being a senior resource in the team ,helping the other new team members is always a pleasure.This is what I am keen learning now like how to co-ordinate the team by getting involved in each and everyone’s work they do.I would say this is the very basic skill in the art of management.Had a boring SMR(people who are from non IT background SMR is nothing but a monthly review meeting of the project done by a Senior Manager). Left early from office at 4.30 in the evening and went to RTO office to collect Karan’s NOC  & RC. Came home and slept at 6.00. Woke up at 10 and had dinner.

It will be always tough to sleep after that …so watched the movie “Seven Pounds” .It was an astonishingly good movie . The movie had a good story and the way they had been revealing the story as the screenplay moved on was incredible.I simply loved Will Smith’s acting …..A movie worth watching…A movie you will remember for quite some time.


Tuesday again at office but today there were some work so was busy the whole day. It was one of those days during which there wont be any happier occasion other than the coffee & lunch breaks.There will be an usual quality audit tomorrow. I might get a chance to run the show.Hope everything goes fine .

Here I am sitting in front of my laptop trying to put all kinda crap in this post and fill the pages. Today there’s a Champions League Quarter final match between Bayer Munich Vs Man Utd .I think I will be watchin it . Other wise I should sleep earlier and save my energy for tomorrow’s other Quarter final match between Arsenal Vs Barcelona . I would say this will be most glamorous match of the season because these are the teams who play such an eye catching football. I am anxiously  waiting for this football extravaganza….

That’s up for today ..Ciao bloggie !!!

a day of rest..

Sleeping late on Saturday night’s and waking up late during Sunday morning hours is something every IT industry guy loves to do… I am no bar to that as I woke up 11 in the morning (pre-noon)… No break fast in the morning ,but had to get ready myself to go to Raja’s house as aunty had  invited me for Lunch…Managed to reach his house by 1.30 . Had some mouth watering fish curry with rice….Met Charlie after a very long time.

Left Raja’s house at 4.30 and reached my cousin sister’s house in Mogappair .It was fun there,spending some time with my sister’s kid Teja…Man she has become so naughty and talkative since I saw her last time. I remember when I was of her age I rarely use to speak…But kids these days are very tough to handle and they are very clever too…Came back to home and watched Chennai losing yet again in IPL .Also watched Alvin and the chipmunks for the third time….I simply love those chipmunks ..they are such a cute creatures .. I would love to have one ….

Just listen to the song by the chipmunks !!!


A draw against Birmingham city has weakened the title hopes for the gunners… A brilliant goal by Samir Nasri gave me all the  energy in the world to scream and yell around at 10 pm yesterday while watching the match ..but an injury time equaliser by Birmingham was about to make me cry..!! 😦  . Now Arsenal are 4 points behind the league leaders Manchester united. I can still see a tiny light of hope for Arsenal this season as 6 more matches are leftover. Off course the boys and Wenger deserve something this season!!!!

post after a prolonged interlude…

It’s been 2 years, 5months, 4 days since I blogged. So here I’m… Back to business.

Blogging was one of my passions (Hope it will be)…I still wonder Why did I stopped doing it. I might list down hell a lot of reasons. But the ultimate reason would be “laziness”.

Lot of my friends kept on asking me as Why did I stopped blogging…I would thank Selva for his scraps below in orkut… (Selva …an everlasting motivator)

“Why r u not continue to write your blog’s? quite interesting when i am reading that…. very nice to read your blog…keep on writing….”

So is it like I am gonna start doing it again?? Yeah I think so…

So what has happened in my life…in the past 2 and half years….? Quite a lot…

Changes”- The word which I hated the most in my life as I have seen people using it as an excuse every time in my life. Now in the past 2 years I myself got captivated by the word. Now loads of changes within myself. No more dreams in life ….Just living life for the moment and I have been entertained each and every single moment of my life now…. taking life as it comes..Never worrying about the destiny or god’s divine plan for me….

Well today… Woke up very early in the morning…4’o clock..Went to Central station to send off Karan who left HCL to move to Bangalore…Friends who were close in office kept moving away one by one…Instead of falling apart every time due to that, got adjusted to it…Planning to go for a movie. But I know it better that nothing happens as per my plans… There’s a match today for Arsenal against Birmingham city at 8.30 pm. Hope they win it convincingly…Come on Gunners!!!

Hungry now…It’s time to make some dosas and scrambled eggs!!!

Cheerio to that introverted a**hole…Kudos to a man now who welcomes life as it comes…

Started blogging afresh!!!

the agony of parting (part-2)…

Well today ma trainin got over…..te past 2 n half months  has been a most memorable,celebrated,terrific,extraordinary n unforgettable(k…am short of adjectives)….I cherished each n every moment of it….gettin into HCL trainin program,I nevr ever thot I wil hav fun after collj….but it was entirely diff in our batch….its more fun than collj…te only diff is like we r paid for al te amusement we had….I wil b knowin wher I get posted in a coupla of days….am lookin forward to it….some remarkable fun we had durin trainin…

  • Bullus gang(raja,mama,prince ,charlie,sujith raghav,preethi,laanu n myself….)…had a remarkable time wit dem….
  • te surprise bday celebrations(includin my own on oct 8th….they made it unforgettable).
  • te time v had at various hang outs(Ispahani n more) after trainin in te evenin ….
  • te periodical tests we had…(its diff frm wat other ppl hav in their trainin…)
  • te visit to an orphanage in anna nagar wit bullus…..
  • te combined lunch in a restaurent….
  • te group chats,playin cards,games,musical chair….
  • te fun we had wit our caretakers at madras center,trainin staffs…
  • lil farewell occasion we had today….

 well every happy occasion has its end….I don’t think we al wil be workin together at te same office… ppl wil be movin places based on te postin they get….dats life….nothin in life is everlasting….but stil te past two n half months wil be striking ma mind very often in future….lemme move on to the next level wit heart full of joy n bliss…..

a belated post….

*a post after a very long time….

*a month hav pass’d in trainin….had lot to blog but dint find time(not exactly….)

*wel today ma salary got credited…cherio!!!!!  maybe I should say I waited for ma first month salary so dat I would blog .

*life has been grt for te past one month….trainin is ful of fun ….  even more fun than collj(I should say some 200% more…)

*enjoyin every moment of it wit a new bunch of frnds in here….(Bullus 🙂 )

*Mainframe looks easier so far…..maybe am not very sure abt te concepts to be thot later….

*am leavin home tmorrow ….its  3 days hols….the only thing am missin in here is moms food….well to be frank, I cherish each n every moment of te trainin…but te saddest part wil be ,trainin ends by next month…ma first month salary is arnd 25k…currently lot of plans runnin in ma mind like how to  spend it….

*In soccer,its been good to watch arsenal at te top of te league……currently te gunners r playin at their best….financially too they stay top in te league….arsene hav done a fantastic job wit his kids(te young guns!!!!)…the morale looks high in te team….they play some sexy n entertrainin soccer dis season….I should say Henrys departure to barca is a sure gamble….am sure gunners wil keep rockin 🙂 !!!!

*India winning inagural T20 world cup…..its was good to watch dem doin well…..  🙂

I’m back…


After nearly a month am back …cherio!!!!! 🙂 …Well te long wait at home hav come to an end ….DOJ is on 21st of dis month ,ten days after ma graduation day….. Maybe I should say  the long stay at home has its good part n worst part …. The former is ofcourse te mouth waterin food stuffs n unlimited sleep I enjoy at home,te later is te worst part of it….te consequence of te best part….puttin some weight n laziness….Maybe I think I hav to enlighten myself te next two weeks  to get back on track….

Sudha too hav got her DOJ 10th of dis month in Blore….I may miss Convacation ( maybe am not very sure abt it dats coz I make a hella lot of last minute decisions)…For now I hav got 2 more days to think abt it…I wil make a choice…..Yesterday it was frndship day… I should say am missing dose gud old collj days…. 😦

     “The importance of something in life wil be understood only in their absence”

Am lookin fwd te move to Chennai , hav to look out for a nice habitat dere….gettin settled wit ppl n surroundings dere….Lets see Wats dis new journey holds for me…. 😀

( Many of ma frnds who read ma blog hate dis soccer part….Sorry for dem, n guys If u r not a soccer lover plz neglect te soccer part…n for me its different I would say soccer is an integral part of ma life….Maybe am not so keen on the playing side ….but very much interested on te management side of it…..)


Well the English season kicks off ,on 11th  of dis month….al te clubs arnd Europe hav been very busy during dis summer transfer season…..Bein a gunner fan the worst transfer in Arsenal history is Henry movin to Barca n Ljunberg to West Ham …..I hav been satisfied wit Arsene’s summer transfer moves….Edurado , Sagna, Fabianzki  r te three new additions to te club …May look like new names but Henry ,Viera , Fabregas were al  new names when they entered te club….Ofcourse  they r stars of te game now…..I kno Wengar unlike other managers doesn’t like to spend money in getting stars…Instead he wil bring young talents n make them stars under his guidance….Maybe dats Y I admire him a lot…. 🙂


The Arsenal squad is an young one….Van Persie ,Cesc n Toure get additional responsibilities in te absence of Henry…I stil hav every belief in dis bunch of starlets in te squad who can compete for the championship….the pre season tour was been too gud for Arsenal …they hav won two cups well bfore te season hav began,the emirates cup n the Amsterdam tournament cup 🙂 …. I can see the spirit among the boys is high…n I believe dis young gunners can fire all cyclinders frm next week ..am lookin fwd to it….

glimpse of the day…

* Started off te morning so early… switcd on ma PC…suddenly pops a news alert on ma desktop….was in utter despair readin dat news alert….it goes “ Henry heads to Barcelona on a four yr deal…” ma emotions were goin high ….frm dat moment I started hatin dat guy whos ma al time fav striker in te world…..I donno y I even felt lik abusing him….he doesn’t hav dat gunners heart anymore….he was te one who gave te club gud memories….hes no more a gunner…. 😦 😦 😦


* First time in ma life was travellin in a train (am not kiddin) to trichy ….even I couldn’t believe it…it was indeed a grt experience travellin in a train….sittin by te side of te window lookin at te movin trees n buildings was rele kewl ….the poem dat striked ma mind instantly was “In the Trian “ by James Thompson which I studied in ma gud old school days ……

As we rush, as we rush in the Train,
The trees and the houses go wheeling back,
But the starry heavens above the plain
Come flying on our track.

All the beautiful stars of the sky,
The silver doves of the forest of Night,
Over the dull earth swarm and fly,
Companions of our flight.

We will rush ever on without fear;
Let the goal be far, the flight be fleet!
For we carry the Heavens with us, dear,
While the Earth slips from our feet!

* Had nice time in trichy…came back home …saw Back to the future 3 and Evasive action(one dumb action mov) ….I think te time has come for me to catch hold of some sound sleep….was thinkin of postin an article on henry’s shockin move,but I don’t think ma eyes goes wit me ..am already half slept….wil do dat tomorrow….

watchd an electrifyin match…

Dis season was te best Spanish league season I hav ever seen….It was one spectacular match wit rele an ecstatic atmosphere at the Bernaubau stadium in Madrid….the whole crowd waitin to watch their players clinch te title …Kept myself awake till 2’o clock to watch te Real Madrid vs Mallorca match which holds te key for madrid’s championship crown….as both barca n Sevilla had a chance to win te league, its been tensed situation everwhere arnd te stadium…..


Apart frm the normal real Madrid fans there were stars like Tom cruise ,his wife Katie holms(of course they r present to witness beckhams last game for Madrid)n te spanish tennis wonderkid Rafael Nadal who were rele enjoyin the match ….when Madrid scored te winner in te second half tom kissd his wife shows how passionate the game has been …. Madrid truly deserved to be te champs …for te past four yrs they dint win even a single cup…Dis season they seemd so gud after new yr….players lik Nistelroy, Beckham, Higuain ,Diarra,Casillas hav been doin well ….for beckham n Roberto carlos its a nice exit from la liga leavin wit the glory of wining the championship….Hard luck to Barcelona…they too were gud….but Madrid seemd to overpower dem …. The whole stadium was rele electrified watchin their players crowned as champions….Celebrations goes on throughout Madrid…..its rele been grt watchin a match like dis…


one dumb post…

Rite now its 3’o clock in te morning….but stil I don’t find dat stroke of dizziness in ma eyes…I’m as brisk as an owl at late nites….was thinking wat to do ???Maybe I use to watch some movies (not scary ones) or browsin(for past few weeks the topic I was busy browsin is perceptive realities…its quite intresting) or just playin games…But today I’ve made ma mind to blog….

So far its been a long wait for ma cal letter…Many of ma school frnds hav left to their trainin in their respective companies…I hope next few weeks wont be so borin as ma sis back after finishin her exams…dis summer its been quite hot, so cant even roam around ….Rite now …Am hungry !!!! Lets see weather deres something to eat…Hah… got some Kurkure left in the pack which I ate evenin 😆 …Dint watch any of the movies which got released recently…I wanna watch the third part of the al dese triologies which got released dis summer(Spider man,Shrek and Pirates of the caribean)…

I think dis one is rele a dumb post ….Actually I dint hav anything to blog,was thinking for sometime what to blog ….Just started off without any ideas ,now I feel like the above two paras hav got nothing so important to be blogged off…K got it now lemme blog abt the soccer action I saw a couple of hrs back….

Was watchin Spanish league game Real Madrid Vs Zaragoza…the match ended in a draw 2-2….Dis season the Spanish league has been so sensational, especially the title chase between Madrid, Barcelona n Sevilla was too good… Both Barcelona n madrid wit same points stayin at top in te league, next weeks game (the ultimate game of the season) wil be a very crucial one ….I hope Madrid wil clinch the title dis time maybe nearly after four seasons…. Moreover next weeks game wil be te last one for Beckham n Roberto Carlos in madrid ….as both of them leavin Bernabau….I want Beckham to leave Madrid on a winnin note….. But stil Barcelona n Sevilla too hav got their chances on winnin te league….its open for al these three clubs….Anythin can happen in dis game of soccer…I hav never seen such a close contest in a any of the leagues before …..its quite ecstatic….Lets wait for one more week to find out the champion….

Its Raceday,the Canadian grand prix…. saw Lewis Hamilton claimin pole position for the first time in his career wit his team mate Alonso second,Lemme see wat happens today in the circuit event….so far its goin good for the Team Mclaren with Alonso n Hamilton firing their guns…Kimi n massa were also good dis season…I think Mclarens hav got the best combination dis season to win the championship…