one dumb post…

Rite now its 3’o clock in te morning….but stil I don’t find dat stroke of dizziness in ma eyes…I’m as brisk as an owl at late nites….was thinking wat to do ???Maybe I use to watch some movies (not scary ones) or browsin(for past few weeks the topic I was busy browsin is perceptive realities…its quite intresting) or just playin games…But today I’ve made ma mind to blog….

So far its been a long wait for ma cal letter…Many of ma school frnds hav left to their trainin in their respective companies…I hope next few weeks wont be so borin as ma sis back after finishin her exams…dis summer its been quite hot, so cant even roam around ….Rite now …Am hungry !!!! Lets see weather deres something to eat…Hah… got some Kurkure left in the pack which I ate evenin 😆 …Dint watch any of the movies which got released recently…I wanna watch the third part of the al dese triologies which got released dis summer(Spider man,Shrek and Pirates of the caribean)…

I think dis one is rele a dumb post ….Actually I dint hav anything to blog,was thinking for sometime what to blog ….Just started off without any ideas ,now I feel like the above two paras hav got nothing so important to be blogged off…K got it now lemme blog abt the soccer action I saw a couple of hrs back….

Was watchin Spanish league game Real Madrid Vs Zaragoza…the match ended in a draw 2-2….Dis season the Spanish league has been so sensational, especially the title chase between Madrid, Barcelona n Sevilla was too good… Both Barcelona n madrid wit same points stayin at top in te league, next weeks game (the ultimate game of the season) wil be a very crucial one ….I hope Madrid wil clinch the title dis time maybe nearly after four seasons…. Moreover next weeks game wil be te last one for Beckham n Roberto Carlos in madrid ….as both of them leavin Bernabau….I want Beckham to leave Madrid on a winnin note….. But stil Barcelona n Sevilla too hav got their chances on winnin te league….its open for al these three clubs….Anythin can happen in dis game of soccer…I hav never seen such a close contest in a any of the leagues before …..its quite ecstatic….Lets wait for one more week to find out the champion….

Its Raceday,the Canadian grand prix…. saw Lewis Hamilton claimin pole position for the first time in his career wit his team mate Alonso second,Lemme see wat happens today in the circuit event….so far its goin good for the Team Mclaren with Alonso n Hamilton firing their guns…Kimi n massa were also good dis season…I think Mclarens hav got the best combination dis season to win the championship…


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  1. G.Rajesh Theodore on

    why priya n ebby deleted their blog da

  2. arun on


  3. priya on

    i didnt knw ppl check my blogg…

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