watchd an electrifyin match…

Dis season was te best Spanish league season I hav ever seen….It was one spectacular match wit rele an ecstatic atmosphere at the Bernaubau stadium in Madrid….the whole crowd waitin to watch their players clinch te title …Kept myself awake till 2’o clock to watch te Real Madrid vs Mallorca match which holds te key for madrid’s championship crown….as both barca n Sevilla had a chance to win te league, its been tensed situation everwhere arnd te stadium…..


Apart frm the normal real Madrid fans there were stars like Tom cruise ,his wife Katie holms(of course they r present to witness beckhams last game for Madrid)n te spanish tennis wonderkid Rafael Nadal who were rele enjoyin the match ….when Madrid scored te winner in te second half tom kissd his wife shows how passionate the game has been …. Madrid truly deserved to be te champs …for te past four yrs they dint win even a single cup…Dis season they seemd so gud after new yr….players lik Nistelroy, Beckham, Higuain ,Diarra,Casillas hav been doin well ….for beckham n Roberto carlos its a nice exit from la liga leavin wit the glory of wining the championship….Hard luck to Barcelona…they too were gud….but Madrid seemd to overpower dem …. The whole stadium was rele electrified watchin their players crowned as champions….Celebrations goes on throughout Madrid…..its rele been grt watchin a match like dis…



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  1. Idetrorce on

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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