I’m back…


After nearly a month am back …cherio!!!!! 🙂 …Well te long wait at home hav come to an end ….DOJ is on 21st of dis month ,ten days after ma graduation day….. Maybe I should say  the long stay at home has its good part n worst part …. The former is ofcourse te mouth waterin food stuffs n unlimited sleep I enjoy at home,te later is te worst part of it….te consequence of te best part….puttin some weight n laziness….Maybe I think I hav to enlighten myself te next two weeks  to get back on track….

Sudha too hav got her DOJ 10th of dis month in Blore….I may miss Convacation ( maybe am not very sure abt it dats coz I make a hella lot of last minute decisions)…For now I hav got 2 more days to think abt it…I wil make a choice…..Yesterday it was frndship day… I should say am missing dose gud old collj days…. 😦

     “The importance of something in life wil be understood only in their absence”

Am lookin fwd te move to Chennai , hav to look out for a nice habitat dere….gettin settled wit ppl n surroundings dere….Lets see Wats dis new journey holds for me…. 😀

( Many of ma frnds who read ma blog hate dis soccer part….Sorry for dem, n guys If u r not a soccer lover plz neglect te soccer part…n for me its different I would say soccer is an integral part of ma life….Maybe am not so keen on the playing side ….but very much interested on te management side of it…..)


Well the English season kicks off ,on 11th  of dis month….al te clubs arnd Europe hav been very busy during dis summer transfer season…..Bein a gunner fan the worst transfer in Arsenal history is Henry movin to Barca n Ljunberg to West Ham …..I hav been satisfied wit Arsene’s summer transfer moves….Edurado , Sagna, Fabianzki  r te three new additions to te club …May look like new names but Henry ,Viera , Fabregas were al  new names when they entered te club….Ofcourse  they r stars of te game now…..I kno Wengar unlike other managers doesn’t like to spend money in getting stars…Instead he wil bring young talents n make them stars under his guidance….Maybe dats Y I admire him a lot…. 🙂


The Arsenal squad is an young one….Van Persie ,Cesc n Toure get additional responsibilities in te absence of Henry…I stil hav every belief in dis bunch of starlets in te squad who can compete for the championship….the pre season tour was been too gud for Arsenal …they hav won two cups well bfore te season hav began,the emirates cup n the Amsterdam tournament cup 🙂 …. I can see the spirit among the boys is high…n I believe dis young gunners can fire all cyclinders frm next week ..am lookin fwd to it….


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