a belated post….

*a post after a very long time….

*a month hav pass’d in trainin….had lot to blog but dint find time(not exactly….)

*wel today ma salary got credited…cherio!!!!!  maybe I should say I waited for ma first month salary so dat I would blog .

*life has been grt for te past one month….trainin is ful of fun ….  even more fun than collj(I should say some 200% more…)

*enjoyin every moment of it wit a new bunch of frnds in here….(Bullus 🙂 )

*Mainframe looks easier so far…..maybe am not very sure abt te concepts to be thot later….

*am leavin home tmorrow ….its  3 days hols….the only thing am missin in here is moms food….well to be frank, I cherish each n every moment of te trainin…but te saddest part wil be ,trainin ends by next month…ma first month salary is arnd 25k…currently lot of plans runnin in ma mind like how to  spend it….

*In soccer,its been good to watch arsenal at te top of te league……currently te gunners r playin at their best….financially too they stay top in te league….arsene hav done a fantastic job wit his kids(te young guns!!!!)…the morale looks high in te team….they play some sexy n entertrainin soccer dis season….I should say Henrys departure to barca is a sure gamble….am sure gunners wil keep rockin 🙂 !!!!

*India winning inagural T20 world cup…..its was good to watch dem doin well…..  🙂


3 comments so far

  1. vineha on

    mainframes eh? Welcome

  2. arun on

    hi vini…wel heard u got posted in hyd….hav u moved dere???? how abt mainframe…???

  3. vini on

    Yup i was posted but then they changed it to bangalore coz no rquirement in hyd. but here also no req. I trained in mainframed but right now am doing testing 😦 they give the same reason for everything..NO req!!!

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