the agony of parting (part-2)…

Well today ma trainin got over…..te past 2 n half months  has been a most memorable,celebrated,terrific,extraordinary n unforgettable(k…am short of adjectives)….I cherished each n every moment of it….gettin into HCL trainin program,I nevr ever thot I wil hav fun after collj….but it was entirely diff in our batch….its more fun than collj…te only diff is like we r paid for al te amusement we had….I wil b knowin wher I get posted in a coupla of days….am lookin forward to it….some remarkable fun we had durin trainin…

  • Bullus gang(raja,mama,prince ,charlie,sujith raghav,preethi,laanu n myself….)…had a remarkable time wit dem….
  • te surprise bday celebrations(includin my own on oct 8th….they made it unforgettable).
  • te time v had at various hang outs(Ispahani n more) after trainin in te evenin ….
  • te periodical tests we had…(its diff frm wat other ppl hav in their trainin…)
  • te visit to an orphanage in anna nagar wit bullus…..
  • te combined lunch in a restaurent….
  • te group chats,playin cards,games,musical chair….
  • te fun we had wit our caretakers at madras center,trainin staffs…
  • lil farewell occasion we had today….

 well every happy occasion has its end….I don’t think we al wil be workin together at te same office… ppl wil be movin places based on te postin they get….dats life….nothin in life is everlasting….but stil te past two n half months wil be striking ma mind very often in future….lemme move on to the next level wit heart full of joy n bliss…..


5 comments so far

  1. poobalachandar on

    sorry dude !!
    Belated wishes for ur birthday ..

  2. ezhilan on

    hi arunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  3. ezhilan on

    i am a fool. so dont take my comments seriously

  4. G.Rajesh Theodore on

    Cool to c u back on this

  5. yesh on

    hey, thats a good one…
    true, life is everlasting n ever changing.. moving on is d best thing we could do 🙂

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