post after a prolonged interlude…

It’s been 2 years, 5months, 4 days since I blogged. So here I’m… Back to business.

Blogging was one of my passions (Hope it will be)…I still wonder Why did I stopped doing it. I might list down hell a lot of reasons. But the ultimate reason would be “laziness”.

Lot of my friends kept on asking me as Why did I stopped blogging…I would thank Selva for his scraps below in orkut… (Selva …an everlasting motivator)

“Why r u not continue to write your blog’s? quite interesting when i am reading that…. very nice to read your blog…keep on writing….”

So is it like I am gonna start doing it again?? Yeah I think so…

So what has happened in my life…in the past 2 and half years….? Quite a lot…

Changes”- The word which I hated the most in my life as I have seen people using it as an excuse every time in my life. Now in the past 2 years I myself got captivated by the word. Now loads of changes within myself. No more dreams in life ….Just living life for the moment and I have been entertained each and every single moment of my life now…. taking life as it comes..Never worrying about the destiny or god’s divine plan for me….

Well today… Woke up very early in the morning…4’o clock..Went to Central station to send off Karan who left HCL to move to Bangalore…Friends who were close in office kept moving away one by one…Instead of falling apart every time due to that, got adjusted to it…Planning to go for a movie. But I know it better that nothing happens as per my plans… There’s a match today for Arsenal against Birmingham city at 8.30 pm. Hope they win it convincingly…Come on Gunners!!!

Hungry now…It’s time to make some dosas and scrambled eggs!!!

Cheerio to that introverted a**hole…Kudos to a man now who welcomes life as it comes…

Started blogging afresh!!!


5 comments so far

  1. Selva on

    “away one by one…Instead of falling apart every time due to that, got adjusted to it”….nice way of approaching life….

  2. Arun on

    yeah Selva ..a way which makes life easier after every ones departure….

  3. G.Rajesh Theodore on

    So what were u dreaming abt…

  4. Arun on

    dreamt a lot of things…One was that I will be going to Bangalore and there will be a frnd of mine who will making that trip an unforgettable one ..But u know that never happened…!!

  5. Arnold james on

    u remember that so its unforgettable…

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