a day of rest..

Sleeping late on Saturday night’s and waking up late during Sunday morning hours is something every IT industry guy loves to do… I am no bar to that as I woke up 11 in the morning (pre-noon)… No break fast in the morning ,but had to get ready myself to go to Raja’s house as aunty had  invited me for Lunch…Managed to reach his house by 1.30 . Had some mouth watering fish curry with rice….Met Charlie after a very long time.

Left Raja’s house at 4.30 and reached my cousin sister’s house in Mogappair .It was fun there,spending some time with my sister’s kid Teja…Man she has become so naughty and talkative since I saw her last time. I remember when I was of her age I rarely use to speak…But kids these days are very tough to handle and they are very clever too…Came back to home and watched Chennai losing yet again in IPL .Also watched Alvin and the chipmunks for the third time….I simply love those chipmunks ..they are such a cute creatures .. I would love to have one ….

Just listen to the song by the chipmunks !!!


A draw against Birmingham city has weakened the title hopes for the gunners… A brilliant goal by Samir Nasri gave me all the  energy in the world to scream and yell around at 10 pm yesterday while watching the match ..but an injury time equaliser by Birmingham was about to make me cry..!! 😦  . Now Arsenal are 4 points behind the league leaders Manchester united. I can still see a tiny light of hope for Arsenal this season as 6 more matches are leftover. Off course the boys and Wenger deserve something this season!!!!


4 comments so far

  1. Arnold james on

    yello u jus wen to some1 home 4 food, thts insane. like a dog u watery in mouth for food……

  2. arun on

    its utterly insane to reply back to some stranger’s comments in my blog…!!

  3. Arnold james on

    how evr u rplied… he he he

  4. Shankar on

    Dai ..loosu pasangala… u didnt inform that to me … 😦

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