two days gone by…

I had to make up my mind to blog something today and it was very complicated because there was nothing extra ordinary in the past 2 days…But still I am gonna blog whatever I had come across in the past 2 days.

Monday morning at office with not much of work yet I kept myself busy by helping others in the team.This is something which I love to do these days. Being a senior resource in the team ,helping the other new team members is always a pleasure.This is what I am keen learning now like how to co-ordinate the team by getting involved in each and everyone’s work they do.I would say this is the very basic skill in the art of management.Had a boring SMR(people who are from non IT background SMR is nothing but a monthly review meeting of the project done by a Senior Manager). Left early from office at 4.30 in the evening and went to RTO office to collect Karan’s NOC  & RC. Came home and slept at 6.00. Woke up at 10 and had dinner.

It will be always tough to sleep after that …so watched the movie “Seven Pounds” .It was an astonishingly good movie . The movie had a good story and the way they had been revealing the story as the screenplay moved on was incredible.I simply loved Will Smith’s acting …..A movie worth watching…A movie you will remember for quite some time.


Tuesday again at office but today there were some work so was busy the whole day. It was one of those days during which there wont be any happier occasion other than the coffee & lunch breaks.There will be an usual quality audit tomorrow. I might get a chance to run the show.Hope everything goes fine .

Here I am sitting in front of my laptop trying to put all kinda crap in this post and fill the pages. Today there’s a Champions League Quarter final match between Bayer Munich Vs Man Utd .I think I will be watchin it . Other wise I should sleep earlier and save my energy for tomorrow’s other Quarter final match between Arsenal Vs Barcelona . I would say this will be most glamorous match of the season because these are the teams who play such an eye catching football. I am anxiously  waiting for this football extravaganza….

That’s up for today ..Ciao bloggie !!!


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