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watchd an electrifyin match…

Dis season was te best Spanish league season I hav ever seen….It was one spectacular match wit rele an ecstatic atmosphere at the Bernaubau stadium in Madrid….the whole crowd waitin to watch their players clinch te title …Kept myself awake till 2’o clock to watch te Real Madrid vs Mallorca match which holds te key for madrid’s championship crown….as both barca n Sevilla had a chance to win te league, its been tensed situation everwhere arnd te stadium…..


Apart frm the normal real Madrid fans there were stars like Tom cruise ,his wife Katie holms(of course they r present to witness beckhams last game for Madrid)n te spanish tennis wonderkid Rafael Nadal who were rele enjoyin the match ….when Madrid scored te winner in te second half tom kissd his wife shows how passionate the game has been …. Madrid truly deserved to be te champs …for te past four yrs they dint win even a single cup…Dis season they seemd so gud after new yr….players lik Nistelroy, Beckham, Higuain ,Diarra,Casillas hav been doin well ….for beckham n Roberto carlos its a nice exit from la liga leavin wit the glory of wining the championship….Hard luck to Barcelona…they too were gud….but Madrid seemd to overpower dem …. The whole stadium was rele electrified watchin their players crowned as champions….Celebrations goes on throughout Madrid…..its rele been grt watchin a match like dis…



being a Gunner fan(kinda testimonial)

I’m 21, I started supporting Arsenal sometime in the late 99’s….I can’t remember exactly when(maybe ninth grade)… I can certainly remember a couple of games in those season in which they lookd very good n they were te only team challengin Man U who dominated most part of English soccer along wit Liverpool…..In a country wher ppl r die hard fans of te game cricket ,I cant even talk abt soccer to frnds in ma school who don’t even care for dis game 😦 ….To me its te game of passion n pride where true sportsmanship is revealed …players play wit real sportin spirits…..

To me coach Wenger undoubtedly te most wise manager on dis planet…. Its been amazing bein an Arsenal fan or Wenger fan over dese years…..Hes a kinda manager who goes for youngsters n make dem to play in his own style…In a coupla of yrs al dese youngsters wil be stars of te game(Henry,Anelka,Reyes,Walcott,Cesc etc)… Over the last 10 years Arsenal have been fairly consistent up until last year we were always in the top 2…, last year even though we finished 4th we got to the Champions League final and although we lost it was still one of the best days of my life, the day in Paris, the build up, going 1-0 up, everything was amazing apart from the result… it was bit unfortunate (Jens Lehman red card decision in te final) we lost it to Barcelona ….But I never gonna let down ma hopes ….Sure Arsenal under Wenger wil be winin te European glory in te comin yrs…..


This season has had its highs n lows,even now we r just about to reach the Champions League again….We hav been performin wel wit bigger clubs(defeated ManU twice,Liverpool thrice n drew wit Chelsea),but losin to weaker clubs shows te lack of consistency …. Criticism is beginning to flow down on the side and the manager from all sides…. I can understand peoples frustrations, i can understand a lot of the criticism but some of the people criticising were the same people who were defending the side.. We were struggling to score without Henry n Robin van Persie who r out injured…they are our 2 top scorers… it was very disappointing to see a club wit such a quality to perform such badly for te past two seasons….. Definitely frustrating… dis te time for complete team restructuring? I would say No. I stil believe Wenger n his boys ….they lagged some experience …Now they hav te experience after playin two season….Next season they wil put up some solid performance n bring home some silverware….I think te team needs one more quality winger n a striker….

The midfield is a bit of mess dis season…. Of the entire side this is the area that is cause for most concern. ….When Hleb has been a disaster dis season… he simply does not suit our style, he is not an Arsenal player…. Rosicky is an Arsenal player, he works hard, makes good decisions, scores a few more goals, but he needs a goal scoring winger on the other side….(Y cant it be Ribery???) Cesc is having a good season,…deres a lot he has to prove dat hes te best…he keeps on improving frm each game… Then there’s the youngsters, Denilson, Diaby, Walcott will all be better for this season….I still beleive we have a good squad, i think some of the players we have at the moment are short on confidence, but with a couple of improvements and a new attitude we will be better next season…

Though bein frustrated wit Arsenal’s performance for te past two seasons,stil I cant stay away frm supporting te club…Wil te good old memories of te 2003-04 season (Arsenal won te championship undefeated) can be seen in near future??? Wateva te results they produce , a gunner fan here singin, hopin his team wil bring up te past memories true….

And did those boots af Arsenal’s team
Walk upon Highbury’s turf so green?
And did they play with great esteem
The best football we’ve ever seen?

And with a cannon on our chest
We play with heart, and mind, and zest
And we are proud to be Arsenal
In Victory Through Harmony

Y arsenal sucK dese Days???–views frm a dejected Arsenal fan…

    Arsenal was out of three cup competitions in just a week n consecutive premiership match defeats to Everton n Liverpool yesterday 😦 …I dont understand wher they r headin towards….It al started wit te Carling cup final defeat by chelsea followed by FA cup quarter final defeat by Blackburn Rovers n Later followed by Champions league 2nd rnd defeat by PSV Eindhoven…..Probably No Silverware for arsenal dis season…. K I thot te only hope they hav got is te Premiership wher Arsenal can end up in third position ahead of liverpool ….But consecutive defeats over te past two weeks at the hands of everton n Liverpol in their respective home backgrounds seems a grt setback now…..


Wher did it went wrong…? Is te manager goin wit some bad managerial tactics…
or te team chemistry was not workin out dis season…. te team missin te likes of seniors such as Patrick Viera ,Robert pires,Bergkamp etc….Bein a die hard fan of dem I want te solidarity they showed in te 2003-04 season winin te premiership without a single defeat te whole season(historic season)..dat season they had a mixture of senior n young players…I dont agree wit Arsene wengar as he givs only a yr contract to those players who hav crossd 30 yrs of age….coz of it Robert Pires left, Now maybe Lehamann May leave at te end of dis season….

    In case of te last two premiership matches te team lagged strength offensively …..The mainline strikers like Henry ,Van persie ,Theo walcott were ruled out of te whole season coz of injuries….they never had a full pledged team throughout te whole season ….bfore it was Ljunberg ,gallas ,persie were out of injuries …Now henry, walcott n senderos out ….I would say its shere bad luck for Arsneal dis season ……Dis season Man u r too lucky to win te premiership….

I expected dere wil be some major changes in te squad durin te ransfer period…But Wengar has released a statement like he wont buy or sell too many players dis season…he wil sign some two or three, dat too valuable players….Arsene says:

“There is a lot of strength within the squad and we can compete at the top level. Up front we have Henry, Van Persie, Adebayor, Walcott, Baptista, Aliadiere and also Bendtner who is coming back from Birmingham. In the middle of the park we have Hleb, Rosicky, Diaby, Fabregas, Denilson, Gilberto and Song. Where do you put all these players?What can you add?”

I don’t think Baptista n Aliadiere wil be available for next season…Baptista has to go back to Real Madrid …..Reyes whos comin frm Madrid back obviously wont stay here ..heard like he wil move to his former club Sevilla…..One more genuine striker to dis squad wil be handy….Rumours goin arnd Miroslav Klose of Werder bremen n Samuel Eto of Barcelona ….I feel anyone of dem wil be an added strength to te offensive line up…In te midfield I wil be happy to see Ribery or Robinho or some other quality midfielder …..lets see wat happens in te transfer period…. 😀

Am damn sure ..Arsenal wil kick out Chelsea ,Man u n Liverpool ass’s next season….(arunan (-?-) mark dese words )


my dream team…

Was thinking nearly for an hr wat to blog….finally came up wit dis idea…I hav come up wit my soccer dream team 🙂 ….these players r on a good run currently for their respective clubs….Y did I pick these ppl in particular….I hav mentioned reasons for dat…..the formation i hav chosen is 4-1-2-1-2 (a diamond formation)….


Goal KeeperGianluigi Buffon (Italy & Juventus)


Dis Italian goal keeper has proven to the world dat hes unequaled with the gloves durin the world cup. Obviously he finds a place in my dream squad….. hes said to be the costliest goal keeper ever played,coz juventus bought him for a record money transfer….

Right BackWilly Sagnol (France & Bayer Munich)


I wil go for dis french Right back …hes strong in his position….I would say dis Frenchman is an under rated player in leagues….he seems too dangerous when he moves forward along the right wing….

Left BackRoberto Carlos (Brazil & Real Madrid)


Without hesitation ,I wil go for dis brazilian….known for his trademark powerful free kicks…..known for his speed and his aggressiveness at joining the offense, often leading counter attacks from the back of the field….regarded as one of the best full backs of all time…..

Centre BackJohn Terry (England & Chelsea)


Who ever comes up wit an dream team ,am sure they wont miss dis guy…..regarded as one of the best defenders in European football…..he doesn’t allow strikers to score easily….hes good at tacklin n handling the ball….

Centre BackAlessandro Nesta ( Italy & AC Milan )


“Versatile” ,One word to describe dis Italian Centre back …I like the way he handles the ball…though he missed the later part of the world cup coz of injury,to me hes a better defender than his team mate n Italian captain Fabio Cannavaro…..

Centre MidfielderCesc Fabregas (Spain & Arsenal)


I would just say hes a “wonder kid”…..he joined Arsenal at the age of 16…..he become the youngest goal scorer for arsenal…..hes technically excellent in the mid field, he moves wit the same pace and rhythm offensively too….he has got a grt future ahead…..

Right MidfielderCristiano Ronaldo (Portugal & Man Utd)


dis young ,gifted Portugal winger is an asset to the football world….hes the best dribbler I hav ever seen…..hes too good at passin ,dribbling n striking the ball…..he is a kind of player who can play on either wings n even in forward position…..

Left MidfielderRonaldinho (Brazil & Barcelona)


No words to describe him…..Hes rele a class act…one of the greatest footballer of al times…Undoubtedly he wil get his place in anyone’s dream team…

Attackin MidfielderFrancesco Totti (Italy & Roma)


Dis Italian can play as an striker or as an attackin midfieder…In my team he is the player who links the midfiled and attack…hes swift in movin and a lethal weapon for attackin….though many rich clubs r ready to offer him a contract , he stil plays for his home town club Roma…..

Striker 1Samuel Eto (Cameroon & Barcelona)


Hes one distinguished player whos known for his attackin technique…he has made the whole of Africa proud wit his level of playin….No defender in the world would like his presence in their opponent squad… dere r rumours goin arnd dat he may make a mov to te premiership….I wil be happy to see him in the arsenal squad……

Striker 2Thierry Henry (France & Arsenal)


dis French man is one of the top strikers…A perfact finisher….he can create nightmares for the opponent defenders….hes the leadin goal scorer for Arsenal….they cal him the “Goal machine” in England who never gets tired after scorin a goal….he never stops too…he keeps on finding the nets….

ManagerArsene Wenger


Whoever the players be ,the coach should be the one n only Frenchman ,Arsene Wenger….. has a reputation for unearthing talent and developing young players from across Europe and Africa….the first manager in English league history to complete an entire 38 league game campaign unbeaten, the 2003-04 season which Arsenal won …..hes known for his managerial tactics….

Substitutes :

StrikerDidier Drogba ( Ivory Coast & Chelsea)


Attackin midfielderKAKA ( Brazil & AC Milan)


Centre midfielderSteven Gerrard (Engand & Liverpool)


Centre backCarlos Puyol (Spain & Barcelona)


GoalkeeperJens Lehmann (Germany & Arsenal)



the cup run ends….

            Today Chelsea won the much heated finals of Carling cup against Arsenal….. I dont think Arsenal deserve to be losers 😦 ….they defeated Liverpool ,Tottenham to be dere in the finals…..I thot they would win…..The biggest mistake made by arsene wengar would be playin his second grade team…..He kept al the senior players like Henry,Rosicky,Gilberto,Ljunberg out……The startin eleven were full of youngsters like Fabregas,Walcott,Denilson…….I kno dat dese wonder kids r capable of beatin any side in the world…….but dis is the final of a tournament …..its a must win situation wher the coach should hav gone for the senoir players……He dint n he paid the price….Chelsea won the match 2-1……it was Drogbas goal turnd out to be a winner for them……


I kno arunan u wil be the happier guy readin dis post….. Remember onethin it was Arsenal’s inexperienced kids playin against the iconic stars of Chelsea(they had their full pledged startin line up)….. U kno Arsenal were far more better than Chelsea in the field …..U can see dat frm the match statistics….the one decider by Drogba at 85th min changd it al….. at the end the youngsters lost their nerves n two of Arsenal players were given red card n sent off….Any way winnin or losin is just part of the game…..

Top 10 richest Soccer clubs….

Came across dis revenue report in “The Indian Express”…..

The Deloitte Sports Business Group hav published their Annual Rich list for Football Clubs across Europe….no surprises in the teams that make up the Top Ten Revenue Earners……

1 Real Madrid: £202m

2 Barcelona: £179.1m

3 Juventus: £173.7m

4 Man Utd: £167.8m

5 AC Milan: £165m

6 Chelsea: £152.8m

7 Inter Milan: £142.8m

8 Bayern Munich: £141.5m

9 Arsenal: £133m

10 Liverpool: £121.7m

Soccer has always been a rich mans world……These revenues prove it… favorite club Arsenal stands at 9th place……Al the above clubs r in the second rounds of the UEFA championship…..eagerly waitin with my fingers crossd to witness which of the above clubs goin to win the cup…..